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They sure can literally make ppl cry :(
Sigh…at least I did I did okay…as long as I pass I don’t give a crap…
I mean come on…being tested for an hour long…it was a torture. Not only that…I had to skip lunch…AND! I had to sneak in to my afternoon class. >_>!

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EXCERPTS >|< Tests of Vestibular Function (1925)

 | Hosted at: Internet Archive
 | From: Wellcome Films
 | Download: Ogg | 512kb Mpeg4 | Mpeg4
 | Digital Copy: Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States

A series of GIFs excerpted from Tests of Vestibular Function, a simple demonstration which requires an accompanying lecture, helping to explain the vestibular system of the cochlea and labyrinth of the inner ear. Innervation of ocular muscle. Demonstration of horizontal and perpendicular nystagmus. Effects of caloric test, rotation test, falling test.

We invite you to watch the full video HERE


Una serie di GIF estratte da Tests of Vestibular Function, una serie di test che hanno l’obiettivo di illustrare il sistema vestibolare della coclea e del labirinto dell’orecchio interno. Innervazione del muscolo oculare. Dimostrazione dei nistagrammi orizzontali e perpendicolari. Effetti dei test di calore, di rotazione, di caduta.

Vi invitiamo a vedere il video originale QUI

EXCERPTS by OKKULT MOTION PICTURES: a collection of gifs excerpted from open source/unknown/rare/controversial moving images. A digital humanities project for the diffusion of open knowledge.